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Sailing Theory, Sailing Terms and Weather

Cruising Theory The total of all twist weight on the sail is called wind constraint. The focal point of that compel, which is over the water, is known as the focal point of exertion (CE).

The focal point of the compel underneath the surface of the water is known as the focal point of parallel resistance (CLR). This is the point where all the watercraft’s imperiousness to sideways weight is concentrated.

A watercraft performs best when the two powers are in adjust. This is the point at which they are situated one over the other in a vertical line through the pontoon’s sail and structure. Your employment as a mariner is to keep these two strengths inappropriate adjust so that your watercraft will cruise accurately.

You keep the watercraft adjusted by moving your weight and changing your sail.

Your watercraft has climate rudder when you need to always pull the tiller towards you to keep the pontoon straight on course.

Lee rudder is the point at which you do the inverse; pushing the tille…