2 Best Beaches around Orlando Florida for Your Perfect Vacation

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How Far Is Orlando from the Beach?

What’s so great about Orlando? If that’s your question, then I’d answer that Orlando is the city full of family entertainment! With a dozen of various theme parks, it’s certain you will have such fabulous family time with your loved ones. But, here, we’re not going to talk about those theme parks. I’ll let you know a great alternative for family entertainment in Orlando: the beaches. I would like to share information about:

  • The closest beach to Orlando
  • How far the beach
  • How to reach it, and
  • What’s so great about the beach.

If you’re interested to go to Orlando for your next vacation, you better carry on reading this article. This will enrich your knowledge. Since you’re going to learn about the distance of the beaches like how far is Clearwater beach from Orlando. You can keep visit website www.travelandsailing.org for the perfect vacation experience.

Distance from Orlando to Daytona Beach

People who live in Orlando, Florida are so lucky. Florida is so well known for its beaches. This is great for Combination of Orlando Florida beach and the theme parks in Orlando. You’ll get unforgettable vacation moments in Orlando. Like what I told you before, in this article, we’re going to focus on the beaches. So, what are the closest beaches to Orlando? The answer is Clearwater Beach and Daytona Beach.

To be honest, there are still some other great beach options. For example Cocoa beach, Flagler Beach, New Smyrna Beach, and Canaveral National Seashore. But, the two previously-mentioned beaches are the most recommended ones. They are the closest and they offer fantastic views to stun you. It only takes less than 2 hours from Orlando to Clearwater beach and you can ride your car while enjoying the trip. Don’t you find it so tempting? It’s a definitely complete vacation package. It will blow your mind away with countless great things.

How Far Is Daytona Beach from Orlando?

The fact that it’s only about 56.5 miles from Orlando to Daytona Beach makes it worthier your drive. Yup, Daytona Beach is more than enough to let you enjoy Florida region. Especially, if you are more interested in enjoying the beaches in the Gulf Coast. This beach is also age-appropriate. This means you can stay at ease on the beach without any worry about your kids. They would not see girls in bikinis.

The road from Daytona Beach to Orlando will give you a recreational experience. Yeah, like the trip to Clearwater beach. You will not only see high road along the way but there will also be some great scenes to enjoy. For the perfect timing, it’s good for you to avoid this mentioned month. Like, in late October, late January, late February, and early March. There are many events during such moments. Like Biketoberfest which will attract more crowds and also traffic jams.

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