Best Nearest Beach to Orlando – Why Do People Think It as A Good Place for Vacation?

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Beach near Orlando

During the summer, what’s the best thing to do? If what you have in mind is spending time at the beach, you’ve actually half way there. You will have the most memorable summer vacation. What’s left is to bring it to reality. When the next summer has come, why don’t you plan to go to the beach in Orlando? You’re not recommended to do so without any reason. Beach (or beaches) around Orlando offer you with complete attractions. It is starting from the natural scenery, nightlife around the beach, and tons of various things to do. I will let you know the best beach near Orlando that you should visit to guarantee your awesome summer.

What to Do in Daytona Beach

Up to this point, you must be wondering why we’re only going to talk about one beach only. Whereas, there are several beaches around Orlando. Well, the sole reason is to give you comprehensive review about the beach. So, you can have some expectations about what you’ll experience when you go there. Furthermore, it’s a good thing to talk about a single beach which is also the nearest beach to Orlando. Thus, for you who live in such area, you don’t need to travel too far to enjoy the beach.  You can spend your holiday there as well. So, what’s the beach we’re going to talk about? Daytona Beach, that’s the answer. Most of you must have ever heard about this East Coast FL beach. So, here goes further information about Daytona Beach and we’re going to focus on what can do there.

Daytona Beach Attractions

When it comes to Daytona Beach, we’re actually talking about a stunning beach which is spread out 23 miles long. White sand and blue water are what will capture your attention there. But you’re wrong if the beach is the only attraction. There are still some other interesting things. It let you experience the greatness of Daytona Beach. Starting from the free things to do to the ones that demand you to spend money. Yet, no matter what you choose. Even for the need-to-pay ones, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Let’s begin with the things you can do without spending money and without any doubt, it’s about enjoying the beach. The beauty of the beach itself (like what’s been stated above) is enough to make you lose track of time. It’s beautiful there. It’s not too much to say Daytona Beach is like a little piece of heaven. You can get relaxed by lying down on the sand and get tanned, walk around the shore, or enjoy some fun time in the water.

Nearby the beach, there are tons of places to eat like some stalls to restaurants. Imagine how you can get back to the beach right away after you stuff yourself with good meals. Don’t you think it’s so fabulous? In case you’re looking for some amusement aside from the beach. Please visit Marine Science Center. This place features various interactive attractions. It will give you both. Fun and also knowledge especially about marine wildlife in their habitat. Curious about this place? Well, you can find the 5,000-gallon aquarium. Its artificial reef that features many marine creatures. Mary Keller Seabird Rehabilitation Sanctuary is also the part of this place. And please don’t forget about the observation tower so you can see many kinds of exotic birds. Yes, every day around Daytona Beach is full of awesome things. You don’t need to wait for “what to do this weekend” in Daytona Beach. For much further information, you can check  It informs you about what you can do in Daytona Beach.

Daytona Beach Boardwalk

Historically speaking, Daytona Beach Boardwalk was built back in 1938. Since then, it has the well-known landmark around Daytona Beach. It’s located at the North Ocean Avenue and it’s the place where you can find a really wide walkway made of full concrete. What’s so special about the Boardwalk? First, many shops are available along the walkway to meet your shopping needs. You can find various kinds of stuff from the shops. Starting from outfits, diving and surfing gear, accessories, and much more. Don’t forget also that the restaurants are also present in the middle of those shops.

When you’re done with your shopping, replenish your energy. You can visit those restaurants and enjoy the menu. Even further, the walkway is also lined up with hotels. Which is perfect for your accommodation during your vacation in Daytona Beach area. What if you don’t want to travel around the Boardwalk by walking? Is there any parking lot where you can park your car? You don’t need to worry about that at all. Vast parking lots are available here and there. Most importantly, check out various kinds of entertainment around the Boardwalk. Arcade areas are available. It is completed with games and many types of amusement rides. It is including Ferris wheel and roller coaster. You’ll also see a spot on the Boardwalk where various music events are held. If you come to Daytona Beach during summer, you should be able to enjoy free concerts there. Like what has been mentioned in the beginning of the articles.

Daytona Beach Nightlife

Don’t let your day spent around Daytona Beach make you lose energy and fall asleep too soon. You’re going to miss the nightlife which can be said as more lively than the daytime. Various kinds of night activities can become yours to experience. It’s all thanks to the bars scattered around the area.

If you’re looking for the best bars to visit, to be honest, it’s a little bit hard to determine. Because each bar is so great and unique. For instance, take a look at what you can find at the Razzle’s. It’s one of the best bars in Daytona Beach with the hottest dance floor. You want to enjoy the more laid-back nightlife. Check out Banana Boat Caribbean Kitchen & Longue. Which is perfect for hanging out with your friends. As the conclusion, you must not hesitate at all to go to Daytona Beach. You can spend your summer, your spring break, or any other seasonal holiday.

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