Best Restaurant near Newport Beach You Must Visit

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Newport Beach Restaurants

Close your eyes for a while and imagine you’re in a restaurant with ocean view. What do you think about it? Isn’t it romantic? Things will definitely be even more perfect if the foods you eat are tasty. Do you know what’s even better than “perfect”? You enjoy that every moment with your loved one. Ah, it’s so heavenly. You can experience it when you’re having a vacation with your beloved one in Newport Beach. While you had reserved a romantic dinner in one of the 5-star restaurants around the area, it is exited. Or you want the casual dinner which is already romantic enough for sure. Read also Top 5 Sailing Destinations in Europe.

Now, before we talk even further, why is it Newport Beach? The reason is simple: it’s among the best coastal cities in Southern California. The fact that it’s filled with boat harbouring adds more romantic value. That’s why travelling here with your spouse or partner and enjoy fantastic dinner on the water is perfect. Below, you’re going to find out highly-recommended restaurants in Newport Beach area. As for further information, you can try checking

Cannery Seafood of the Pacific Newport Beach CA

Let’s begin with the infamous Cannery Seafood which is definitely among the water. What’s best to eat when you’re around the beach area? It’s seafood and this restaurant is top-notch in its seafood menu. The restaurant’s name speaks for itself. Are you curious about the menu?

Well, you can take a look at the scallops which are freshly served. Many people who have ever tasted it claimed that they can even eat more than a dozen of it. And don’t leave the lobster behind. Also of being so fresh and perfectly cooked, its size is massive! But the menu isn’t the only awesome thing about this restaurant. Please also consider the location of it. For you to know, it’s so strategic as it’s placed on the waterfront. Good food, good view, good ambience, what else do you expect?

Best Newport Beach Restaurant

Like what I’ve promised you before. We’re going to talk about several restaurants you should consider when you’re going to Newport Beach. We’ve talked about Cannery Seafood but it’s just one among the other great Newport Beach restaurants. So here go the others. Starting with Bluewater Grill. This restaurant is just the most perfect one if you like grilled dishes. A wide variety of seafood dishes are available. Along with the fact that it’s located in a nautically-themed setting.

Second, we have True Food Kitchen as the next best restaurant near Newport Beach. Once you enter the restaurant, you’ll feel the fabulous atmosphere. It’s so cozy and you’ll keep being awed when your dishes have been served before you. This restaurant is well-known for its healthy foods which definitely include vegan menus. Thanks to the combination of the restaurant’s setting and menus. Many people all around Florida, like from Miami and Oregon, are willing to enjoy great dinner here. Even  they have to drive for a few miles

Third, Mastro’s Ocean Club is actually a resort but it’s designed as a restaurant. Like any other resort, the comfort of the place is definitely above average. One step there and you may have no intention of leaving. Talking about the foods, some more-than-just-good classic steak entrees are offered. Along with various seafood dishes. Is that all? Of course not! There are still some other fantastic restaurants. It will make you forget to eat at the restaurant of your hotel and suites. The next part will let you know about the romantic restaurants. Read also the best beach near Orlando.

Romantic Restaurants near Newport Beach

The most recommended romantic restaurant is Harborside Restaurant and Grand Ballroom. This restaurant has it all. For the food, tons of options are offered. Starting from Italian foods to the classic seafood dishes. The restaurant is designed to boost romantic and also family-friendly ambience.

Then, we have Basilic which is actually a French-based restaurant. But you can also find vegan menus there. This restaurant is also popular for its steak dishes and also BBQ! What if what you desire is some exotic foods like Thai, Indian, Japanese, or Persian? Let me tell you, it’s not so hard to find such restaurants.

Once again, you can still expect some romantic theme from them. Mint Leaf Thai Cuisine is the great example. It was awesome Thai restaurant around Newport Beach. It is famous for the great selection of Thai tea. Don’t you think it’s perfect to go there for your breakfast? Sushi Roku is just for you who crave for various sushi dishes. And please visit Javier’s restaurant if what you seek for is Mexican foods.

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