The Complete Adventures in Newport Beach: The Trip, Culinary, and Water Activities

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Adventuring to Newport Beach, how does it sound to you? Sure, it sounds exciting. It is because we’re talking about the beach here which means some fun water activities. Yet, some of you may not be interested in that kind of activities at all. Is there anything to do? What about having a culinary adventure? Or enjoy the trip to Newport Beach? No matter what you choose, there are tons of great and fun things to do in Newport Beach. The fun even starts when you plan to go there. So, here’s the ultimate guide to enjoy culinary, trip, and water adventure in Newport Beach.

Mastro’s Ocean Club Newport Beach

Let’s start our adventure with Mastro’s Ocean Club Newport Beach located in Newport Coast. Entering this place may remind you of Las Vegas (minus any specific dress code to let you enter). It is because of its glamorous design.

But, wait until you see Mastro’s Costa Mesa menu. You’ll be served with classic entrees. It is consist of various steaks besides to regular Malibu menu. Instead of providing you with sophisticated menus. And please don’t forget about the over-the-top seafood menus. Those dish choices are actually quite in contrary. It is contrary to how sophisticated the place actually is.

But, we’re definitely talking about good contrast here. And the urge to talk about one specific menu offered, it’sMastro’s seafood tower. Imagine a pile of delicious and fresh seafood is served before you. Writing about it makes me salivating already. It’s not too much to call Mastro’s Costa Mesa as the paradise for seafood lovers and steak maniacs. Then, what about the menu prices? Since we have talked about the seafood tower, you may as well wonder about Mastro’s seafood tower price. Well, to tell you the truth, the price may be a little high for some people. For each service, the price is ranging from $35 – $40. But, let me assure you, that price range is worth. It because Mastro is definitely among the best in Newport Beach, CA.

Rusty Pelican Newport Beach

Our adventure is carried on with Rusty Pelican which is known to have several branches. For example, like the one you can find in Tampa, Florida; Long Beach CA; and Yelp, San Diego. Like the other Rusty Pelican branches, in Newport Beach. This restaurant has a different concept. It differs from the previously-mentioned restaurant in terms of the place’s design.

In Rusty Pelican, you’ll find a really relaxing atmosphere. It is perfect for you to enjoy your dinner after spending the whole day exploring Newport Beach. The location, at Newport Beach CA 92663, makes it so perfect if what you want is a rather romantic dinner.

Thanks to the strategic location. It’s possible for you to enjoy your dinner. At the same time, poking your eyes with the stunning views of Newport Harbor right from the outdoor patio. That concept may seem like what you can find when you’re dining at Billy’s at the Beach. Since they share similar locations. but in Rusty Pelican, you can have seafood fine dining which is so hard to forget. Make sure you avoid happy hour Newport Beach if you intend to eat here because it may get too crowded.

San Diego to Newport Beach

Some of you might have been interested to go to Newport Beach. Especially, already after reading about those two places to eat stated before. I know it may sound strange. But, let me put some interlude to our culinary adventure. We will talk about how to go Newport Beach, especially from San Diego. But trust me, this interlude is going to be worth it.

Well, it doesn’t take a long ride from San Diego because it’s only about 90 miles to reach Newport Beach. If you drive your car, it should only take about one and a half hour. There’s no need for you to ask for tourist information to get the guide to reach the destination. You are only going north and following one road: I-5 N. This is the fastest route you can go. You can visit It will make you more confident with getting through this trip.

So you know, with such rather short trip. it’s definitely doable for you to get through it with your children or even your young baby. Yet, it’s going to take longer for you to reach the destination during the holiday. You must consider the traffic. And it’s also recommended to start the trip in the afternoon. Set the timing properly so you can reach Newport Beach before evening so you don’t miss the sunset. One more thing, during the trip, surprisingly, you may want to have some rest once in a while. It because several types of a fun restaurant may attract you. In other words, your culinary adventure has started. Even before you reach Newport Beach.

The Cannery Newport Beach

We already talk about how far is Newport CA from San Diego. Let’s continue our culinary adventure and this time, it’s the turn for The Cannery Newport Beach. Versatility is the main theme of this place to eat. The design of the place will make you willing to spend a lot of time there. It is without any intention to go away even though the dishes have been wiped out completely.

It’s all thanks to how the guests can enjoy their dishes in an outdoor dining setting. And when it comes to what you should eat at The Cannery, well, once again seafood entrees can be said as the best option. What else do you expect if you eat in the seashore situation, right? But it’s not all because you can also have a taste of the selection of wine offered.

The Wedge Newport Beach

Last but not least, assuming your tummy is full with tasty food. It’s time to burn the calories and you can do it in the next day after your dinner. Enjoying some water activities in Newport Beach is a must. For instance, please try to surf there.

At this point, some of you may worry about any surf report like death that happened at The Wedge in Newport Beach. Well, rest assure. Although The Cannery is infamous for its unique wave which is perfect for surfing. There’s rarely any accident happening. But, there are also sometimes that you should be more careful while surfing. Especially, when the wind isn’t friendly. You might think you’re not confident to surf at that moment. It’s better to stay away from the water or else, you might become wipeouts victim. This water activity is perfect as the grand finale of your adventure in Newport Beach.

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