Newport Beach Attractions and Romantic Things to Do in Newport Beach

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Your plan on going to Newport Beach Expecting will make a perfect vacation. Yes, your dream will come to reality. Why? It’s because this destination has it all. No matter what you seek, you can find it there. It can be fun, memorable, and romantic at the same time. Without further ado, here are some ideas of the things for you to enjoy when you’re in Newport Beach. You’ll learn how awesome this destination can be. Since it’s filled with attractions to keep you away from being bored.

Romantic Things to Do in Newport Beach

Sure, romantic should be placed in the middle of Newport and Beach. It’s not too much to say that this beach. It is the best vacation destination for couples. It is also a perfect place for those who want to relive their love sparks. This place offers a different taste for those who are in love because they just get married. It’s even a good idea to bring your first date to this place and create a hard-to-forget impression to him/her.
What are exactly the things to do which are related to the romantic things around Newport Beach area? Let’s start with boat charter.

Close your eyes for a while and imagine you and your beloved one are riding a yacht. It’s going to be so much better if you have private boating. The waves and the views definitely create unbearable romantic ambiance. Don’t forget that you can have an extraordinary dinner atmosphere on the boat.

Try to enjoy the stunning and romantic view around the beach by walking. It makes you save a lot. You can take a walk with your crush or lover to Corona Del Mar State Beach. Each step will be filled with great romance which is so perfect for couples or for those who have the first date. And more important, it doesn’t cost you money at all!

Newport Beach Pier

If what you seek is pure fun instead of romance, well, Newport Beach Pier is full of the things to please you. You’ll be more than eager to book the flights to Newport Beach right away. Once you finish reading this article. I guarantee.

Since we’re talking about pure fun, we can’t leave Balboa Fun Zone. This is where the fun starts and there’s no ending to it. So many kinds of Newport Beach attraction can be found there. You’ll found the activities which can be done together as a family in one place. You found adventurous one by having thrilling sightseeing fun tours around the area.

Many hours will pass by without you even notice it. Don’t forget to enjoy some water activities too while you’re at it. Surfing, diving, or swimming are the most common things to do. There are even some spots for toddler activities. This keeps your little ones occupied safely while you are also having fun. And one more, please don’t miss the tourist shops operating around you. You’ll be able to meet your shopping desire. It starts from getting some unique pieces of stuff made by local to the designer wardrobes.

Newport Beach Fun Zone Restaurant

Yes, it’s understandable if you are famished whenever you have spent some time around Fun Zone area. Please don’t worry, there are tons of fun restaurant to please your palate. At the same time, let you keep on enjoying constant fabulous sceneries.

I won’t give you some recommended places to go whenever you are hungry. According to my experience in Newport Beach, there’s any place to eat which disappoints me. In other words, you can go anywhere to eat and you’ll be satisfied. But, if you insist me to tell you where to go, let me whisper to you that you should go to Harborside Restaurant. The reason is actually simple: they have award winning menus. That’s it.It’s more than enough to make you drool, right? If you’re not sure, go to find tourist information which can be found around you. The guide is also within your reach so you won’t ever get lost or don’t have any idea what to do. Or you can visit for further information.

Newport Beach Boardwalk

Lastly, you need to make sure you also spend some time in the Boardwalk. There are tons of interesting things you can do there. For instance, you can take your family to ride the bike and have some adventure. There are so many bike rentals available and this kind of activity is so full of fun. Whenever you have been on the bike, you will lose track of time. You’ll have no idea how long you have gone adventuring around the area. It is because interesting and unique things keep on popping one after another. If you’re getting tired due to biking, rest for a while at the bars nearby. The boardwalk is also the place where many fantastic events are held. For example, some music concerts are held there. If your timing is perfect, you can have fun watching them.

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