Best Travel Tips on How to Travel Around the World Safely

Best Travel Tips on How to Travel Around the World Safely

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Best travel tips how to travel around the world safely are explained well here.


Don’t be a victim of Lost Luggage

A heads up to all travelers out there that have had the unfortunate luck of having their luggage misplaced.: I have found the cure for you. It is a relatively new service called EZFind, which issues permanent labels and tags that you can stick to your gear. In the event that you lose an item of yours that has been tagged, whoever finds the item can call their toll-free number, and your missing luggage will be returned to you at no additional cost. This new system also provides protection against identity theft, as there is no personal identifying information on the tag.

Best travel tips how to travel around the world safely

Airports are joining the cause finally by tagging your luggage with RFID chips, which can help route luggage to its proper destination and track the ones that become lost. However, few airports currently use RFID chips, those that do are Hong Kong International Airport, Malpensa Airport in Milan and at San Francisco International. For the sake of the airline customers, hopefully, more airports adopt this technology.

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Places you should be sure to visit

ROME: The Colosseum is a must-see for all first-time visitors to Rome. Being able to walk through the same archways of those did hundreds of years before, is an exciting moment. Walking into the Colosseum, you are able to see where the once vicious gladiator battles occurred. It is located near the ancient center of Rome and a must see. There are just so many places to visit in Rome that I don’t know where to venture next. Second, in my mind would be to explore The Pantheon. It was constructed around 120 A.D. and is the best preserved of all ancient Roman buildings. Walking inside this ancient domed rotunda is a sight to see in itself.

The original intentions for the Pantheon were for its dedication to the major Roman gods but were later consecrated, and thus saved as a church in the 600s. St. Peter’s, though not a museum, rivals some of the greatest art museums in the world. It contains artistic masterpieces and architectural designs by the likes of Michelangelo, Bramante, Bernini, and Maderno. History tells us that St. Peter was crucified around 65 A.D. in Nero’s Circus. It is said that he was buried nearby in a small cemetery on Vatican Hill. His resting place is thought to lie directly below the current dome of St. Peter’s and is marked by a magnificent Baldacchino.

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Will Your ID Cost You Precious Time?

Feds warn states of ID deadline, travel hassles for Residents subject to airport problems if states fail to seek extension

Due to the events of September 11th, Homeland Security officials have wanted to enforce stricter driver’s license standards, hopefully bringing an end to a potentially disruptive air travel standoff. States have less than a month to send a letter to the Homeland Security Department seeking an extension to comply with the Real ID law passed following the 2001 terror attacks.

If the states do not seek an extension by March 31, their residents will be subjected to secondary screening by security workers before boarding any domestic flight beginning May 11.

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Could You Be Getting Treated Better At Your Hotel?

With the evolution of the technology era, many hotels at the top of the lodging hierarchy, like the Four Seasons & Ritz-Carlton; don’t have frequency programs with membership cards, points, and monthly account statements. With the advancement of computers, hotels are now able to track your every need. Say a client asks for a special pillow/bedding in their hotel room in Florida, the next time they stay at the same hotel in London, everything will already be taken care of. Their new computer systems allow the hotels to customize your visit and anticipate your every need. But just relying on the computer may not work.

If you plan on visiting a particular hotel multiple times throughout the year for business/pleasure, introduce yourself to the general manager. Thank him for your stay and inform him the next time you plan to stay with them or one of their sister hotels. If staying at a sister hotel, it would be wise to ask him who to contact at the new hotel to receive some preferential treatment. These are all tips which should make your stay more pleasant while you are there.

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The Llao Llao Hotel & Resort, Argentina

The Llao Llao is a famous hotel in the northwest Patagonia region of Argentina. Situated in the foothills of the Andes, it offers breathtaking views from 360 degrees. The hotel is located on a hill between the Moreno Lake and Nahuel Huapi Lakes. The original hotel, made almost entirely of wood, was destroyed by fire soon after its completion in 1939. The following year a new hotel was constructed out of reinforced concrete and stone which was renovated in 1993.

Regent, Hong Kong

The elegant, yet modern, the hotel provides guests with luxurious rooms and spectacular views. Anything that you can imagine is at your disposal within the Regent. Its delicious gourmet restaurant is a testament to the hard work and dedication its staffers put forth for their guests. This hotel is also in the center of the Shanghai nightlife, so you don’t have to worry about traveling to far to check out the posh nightspots.

The Oberoi Udaivilas, India

This hotel has situated a city of majestic palaces and beautiful lakes. Here it sits on the banks of Lake Pichola where it captures all the romance and splendor of a royal era. This is one of the finest hotels in India if not all of Asia. Its grand setting combined with regal architecture and a beautiful spa offers an experience created exclusively for those who know there is nothing like too much luxury.
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Are You Getting the Best Flight Possible?

Some of you may have heard of something called secret flights: These are unusual routes flown by airlines that you would never expect. Find them, and you may have a much better flying experience. Additionally, because these flights are less known, you may find fewer crowds and lower prices
You may think, being a secret flight that the schedules are not published, but in fact, they are. They are flown by airlines on routes you’d never expect.

The airline flying them use the routes as “fifth freedom” flights, meaning that individual countries give these airlines the right to stop in their country en route to the airline’s base country. Specifically, under international agreements, it means this: It is the right of an airline from one country to land in a second country, to then pick up passengers and fly on to a third country where the passengers then deplane. And that means they can carry passengers on a point-to-point basis as well.

Now you’ve got to be asking yourself if this will really benefit you. The fact that not many people have even heard of these flights means fewer crowds and often lower prices and, dependent on the airline, much better service.

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